Our Services

Find out what our committed property maintenance contractors in Trinidad could do for you. Our outstanding team is ready to transform your space with a range of tailored services, adding value to your property while providing that much-needed premium aesthetic.

Lawn Maintenance

Bask in the luxury of effortlessly flawless grass when you leave the lawn care to us. Impress guests, enjoy endless ball games, or just admire the look of a lush, green lawn; all without having to lift a finger. We take care of tasks from weekly cutting to weeding and watering to keep your lawn looking its best.


Ready for a change? Expert landscaping is a surefire way to improve your property, impressing visitors and potential buyers alike. It also allows you to make better use of your space, whether you want an outdoor kitchen for garden gastronomy or a sun-drenched deck to get away from it all. Transform your outdoor space with our tailored luxury landscape services today.

Yard Cleaning

Hedge trimming, tree pruning, leaf raking... all these little tasks can quickly get left by the wayside. Keep your yard looking perfectly pretty with our personalized yard cleaning services. Ideal for overgrown lots in need of a little TLC, we provide a passionate service complete with years of experience.

Chemical Spraying

Looking for a little scientific intervention? Spraying is a technical process with the power to keep bugs, mold, and weeds at bay, with potent formulas for fast-acting results. If you want a mosquito-free yard or need to eliminate some stubborn weeds, our highly reliable spraying service is for you.

Pressure Washing

There’s something so satisfying about prising up dirt with professional pressure washing machinery. Bringing in the big guns to achieve real results, pressure washing revitalizes your outdoor space by blasting away months of mold, grime, and lichen. Achieve an ‘as-new’ look in minutes with the help of our pressure-washing experts.


Need to freshen up a fence, or achieve a luxe new look? Our premium painting services provide a highly professional finish, saving you the stress, time, and hassle of doing it yourself. With years of experience and all the tricks of the trade, we are ready to transform your interior and exterior surface with a luxurious lick of fresh color.

Junk Removal

Unwanted items on your yard and property can quickly de-value your place while taking up precious space that could be put to better use. Let us take care of the problem with a quick and easy junk removal solution, suitable for both commercial and residential properties.

Moving Services

Is there anything more stressful than moving day? We aim to make it less so, by taking care of your belongings with dedicated attention to detail. Leave the packing, loading, driving, and unpacking to us, and we’ll make sure all your valuables arrive in one piece. All that’s left for you to do is lock up and say goodbye.