Landscaping Ideas: How to Make Better Use of Your Space

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Looking for expert landscaping ideas to transform your outdoor space? You landed in the right
spot. Here are some of our favorite landscaping ideas to help you make better use of your
outdoor space. Whether you own a shop with a front yard, a boutique B&B with a garden for
guests, or just a home with a humble yard, there are lots of ways to utilize that space better
than you have been doing.
Check out our landscaping tips below, and get in touch if you need a hand getting started! At
Yardmen, we bring years of experience in luxury landscaping, helping you design, visualize and
implement your dream outdoor space.

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Create Sections in Your Space

Did you know, one way to make a small yard appear bigger is by sectioning it out? Divided
areas give the illusion of more space, especially when some are hidden from view. Sections
also allow for clearly defined borders, helping you better use each area.
For example, if you have a sun-drenched spot in your garden, you can corner this off as a
sunbathing nook or breakfast bar. Another place could be designated for growing veggies, and
another still for flowers and ornamental plants.

Add a Pathway

A meandering set of stepping stones or a smart gravel pathway can help draw the eye to the
best features of your space. Have a stunning view? Lead a path right to it, leaving room for
some furniture at the end. Trying to make a small space appear larger? Choose a curved
pathway around the edges to trick the eye into seeing more space.


Edge Your Borders

Installing edging along your borders helps create an elegantly defined look while also reducing
garden maintenance. Grass and plants have little chance of creeping out of their designated
areas, keeping everything where it should be without too much fuss. Add interest by opting for
an unusual border style; why not try zig-zag or semi-circular borders to inject a little
personality into your space?

Choose Native Plants

Not only do native plants create a cohesive look with the surrounding landscape, but they are
also much better for the environment. Choose classic Caribbean species such as orchids,
palms, and bird of paradise to brighten up your yard with vibrant blooms of color. These plants
will be easier to care for and less invasive than non-native species, crafting a timeless and
low-maintenance space.
Ready to bring your dream design to life? Perhaps you need a little help putting together a new
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