House Painting Ideas: How to Freshen Up Your Façade

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A colorfully painted home is the symbol of the Caribbean. There is something irresistibly
charming about these quintessential cottages, from the historic colonial style to the
smile-inducing shades. Looking for some house painting ideas?
With a wealth of experience in exterior painting, we have a full portfolio of ideas to help you
out. Check them out below, or get in touch for personalized painting advice.

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Try Blue and White

Keep it classy and coastal with blue and white, the unofficial colors of the Caribbean. Evoking
the stunning sapphire sea and bleached sandy beaches, these two colors can help establish a
soft sense of calm.


Fly the Flag for Trinidad

The colors of the island flag are often implemented in Caribbean architecture for a unique
sense of unity. Why not try a bold black, white and red scheme to symbolize the strength of
our island nation? Keep it upscale and elegant by opting for a softer shade of red.

Add a Splash of Sunshine

Yellow is a failsafe choice to inspire feelings of happiness and joy, and there are so many
shades to choose from. Lemon yellow is a beautiful choice for a pretty, pastel aesthetic while
marigold offers a happy splash of color that really makes a statement.


Pick Peaches and Cream

If bright, bold color isn’t your thing, why not opt for something a little more subtle? Light peach
and blush tones never lose their appeal, looking sweet and stylish for many years to come. Pair
with white or cream for an indulgent look, and make sure you give it a fresh coat regularly.

Make it Minimal

More and more modern villas and houses are opting for a completely pared-back look, with a
soul-soothing neutral exterior. For colonial elegance, stick to black, white, and cream, for boho
chic, try soft beige and aged terracotta.

Keep checking the blog for more exterior house painting tips!

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